It is with great excitement that I inform of my new business name, My Care Physio & Therapy.

My team and I will continue to provide you with a wide range of services, from pain management to preventative health and wellbeing. In the coming weeks I can reveal another step in the bright future of My Care Physio & Therapy!

Gym Programs

Do you need your own specially designed gym program?
MC Physio can help.

MC Physio can help you with a range of programs and advice, including:

  • BOUNCE Back - rehabilitation program
  • Walking - a basic pleasant effective activity, brisk enough to increase your heart rate.
  • Swimming - an excellent form of general exercise, wonderful for bad backs or stiff joints. For those who cannot manage the cold or normal swimming conditions, hydrotherapy or heated pools are recommended.
  • Cycling - a low impact choice with little jarring on joints - an outdoor social activity or indoors on an exercise bike.

Regular exercise with the support of our BOUNCE Back Program helps increase your chances of living a healthier life, feeling well, looking well, staying mobile and independent.

Exercise tones muscles, increases circulation, increases strength and prolongs mobility. So why wouldn't you do it?

Our Physiotherapists will assess you and advise the best forms of exercise to suit your needs. We teach you good postural and exercise habits to prevent future movement problems.

Our Physiotherapists encourage elderly people to keep active with sensible exercises suited to their age and physical conditions.

Increasing your fitness level means being able to do more with less effort. Incorrect exercises can be worse than no exercise. The right exercises need to be done correctly and regularly and your progress monitored.

Always warm up and end with some controlled muscle stretches. Wear sensible, comfortable clothes and shoes when exercising. Do not over exert yourself.

Prior to recommencing an exercise program, your physiotherapist will assess your Core Strength and make recommendations on these results. Your Core Stability Program is then incorporated into your exercises.

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