BOUNCE back from back and neck pain.
MOVE with confidence and control.

What are BOUNCE Back classes?

BOUNCE Back is an 8 week series of one hour classes with specific exercises using balls and elastic bands. The exercises progressively improve your spinal strength, coordination and balance. BOUNCE Back allows you to return with confidence to the activities you enjoy doing and protect against reinjury. Classes are run by a specially trained physiotherapist and are limited to a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring you get the instruction and attention you deserve. Each week you will also receive an illustrated list of exercises and instructions to continue at home between classes.

BOUNCE Back can be taught in one-on-one sessions.

What are BOUNCE Back classes?

The innovative BOUNCE back program has been created after years of research into why sore backs and necks often recur despite many exercise and postural re-education programs. Research has demonstrated that subtle changes occur in how we use our muscles following a back or neck injury and this program retrains muscle control and strength with desirable long term results.

BOUNCE Back class selection

Which class is for you?

We recommend a physiotherapy assessment prior to starting the BOUNCE Back program.

  • Beginner - Lower back
  • Beginner - Neck & upper back
  • Intermediate - Lower back
  • Intermediate - Neck & upper back
  • Advanced

The BOUNCE back system

All BOUNCE back classes have been designed by experienced physiotherapists to cater for all levels of ability and fitness. Beginners and intermediate classes focus specifically on neck and upper back or lower back and hip exercises. Advanced class includes excerise for neck and lower back.


Back to moving with confidence + control. This class starts retraining your brain with very gentle exercises and gradually progresses to more challenging tasks.It is designed to teach you how to control and conquer your back and/or neck problems giving you confidence in moving with activities in your daily life.


Back to your favourite recreational activities. This class is for those who have completed the beginner course or already have an appropriate level of spinal stability. It also fast-tracks recovery following hip, knee or ankle injury or operation.It is designed with graduated exercises that will ensure you have the strength, stamina and stability to return to your favourite recreation activities.


Back to full work + sport activities. This class is suitable for participants who have completed the intermediate course. It is designed with a variety of dynamic and demanding exercises that will enable you to build overall body strength and flexibility whilst maintaining spinal stability. This will give you the confidence to return to full work and sport activities knowing your body is capable of the challenge.